OK-A-A-A-Y, I’ll Stay

Guys, I am so fickle, I can’t stand it. I think I’ve decided that I, in fact, DO want to maintain a blog here. It’s either I do want to, or else I’m just experiencing a positive swing in my biorythm. This usually occurs about once a month or so.

In either case, I would suggest that you limit your expectations as to the consistency of my entries and/or my attitude. Look for a roughly menses-equivalent pattern, and feel free to post replies.

Minnesota had a good day yesterday, as a state Senate committee voted NO to allowing a popular vote for a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would re-define marriage as a man and a woman. No matter what your persuasion, you would have to agree that a constitution should not contain limits on rights for anybody, in particular a minority group of citizens. If you must continue the oppression, there are other ways of accomplishing that.

Oh yes. That’s right. We already have a law banning same sex marriage in this state, and it has never been challenged.

So why all the hoopla for an amendment? In the words of some famous rhetorician, I’m glad I’m not a Repulican. (sorry. Too lazy to look up the reference. Was it Mark Twain?)

Take care. Check in and post often. It’s fun to see comments



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This blog is not currently active

I’m sorry for the confusion, but the UWO Theater Alumni forum is now located at another location.  Please click on the title (above) to open this message and then….

Click HERE to visit us!

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Welcome UWOers

Thanks for coming to visit the “unofficial” UWO Theater Alumni blog. I am creating this blog to facilitate communication amongst a (hopefully) growing number of alumni and supporters of an initiative to establish a lasting tribute to Dr. Gloria Link’s memory.

This past weekend, magic happened when a bunch of people converged on Oshkosh to pay their respects to Dr. Link. Lovely words were spoken at the service, emotions flowed through the crowd, and personal connections were re-established as old friends spent the day together.

Out of all of this synergy arose a swelling desire to do something that would make Gloria’s legacy something permanent and public. Let us use this forum to organize and galvanize that desire into solid plans and action.

And please bear with me as I try to figure out how to run this blog!


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